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I don't envy you your second language. Arabic is known for its difficulty - while it's not quite as brutal as English, it's certainly harder than Spanish or French.

A tip from my own experience with Hebrew, if you understand enough of the language to get the gist of a conversation, then you might find Internet radio to be useful. Simply do some googling, find a radio station or podcast in Arabic, and listen. I did a quick search and found digital audio of the Q'ran at http://audioquraan.com/.

I wanted to formally meet you, since you're one of the reasons I'm on vox. I stumbled upon your blog, and as someone adopting a new religion myself, it was fascinating to read about someone else having so many similar changes and life experiences. I love tznius.com, btw. Have you ever ordered from Shukr?


aww arabic is hard even for us which is our main language.. if u need any help just ask.. im willing to help


hey girl! missed you!
well arabic is not that easy!
and mashallah i could see you are so improving

just try your best and believe in yourself that you can learn and learn :)

anyway as nosa said any help you know am here


ach liebchen!  You are good with languages... think of how satisfying it would be to you to be able to talk with people in Arabic.  I have been in awe of how much you already learned!  Such a smartie.

And epidemiology... pretend it's a swamp.  Keep your eyes on the other side!

xoxo from us.  


You don't sound to be happy about the brown belt: Are you OK? The post has
no energy. May be you should shake yourself somehow?


I can't even imagine how this language can be learned?

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