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I can't wait to hear how it went!


well it definitely could have been worse! I'm glad my first day was a half day. I'm exhausted! jeez..! 


Good luck, I'm sure you'll be great :)

Congratulations on passing your exams. When did you start taking Arabic classes? Is it just grammar that you're focusing on?


Actually, we don't really focus on grammar. Mostly we focus on reading, speaking and writing. I staarted taking Arabic classes in September and write now I'm applying to a go to Jordan for the summer! 


Oh, that's cool. I guess it's more practical. Arabic grammar is almost pointless, I think. I've never had to use anything I learned in school anyway!

Jordan, that should be fun! I hope you get to go. I've never been there but have a couple of friends from there.


LOL! You're really insane:) 150 crayons??? Well, whatever it was, if it made
you happy, let it be so. Let yourself to be insane:)

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