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*salute* yes ma'am!

Thank you! :D


haha :) You're welcome! I got T.'s beautiful drawing by the way. I am working on a drawing that I will send to him, but don't tell him, it's supposed to be a surprise!


It took a week of that drawing being on the refrigerator for him to be able to let me actually mail it.  When I tried to fold it up to send it with your package, he FREAKED out, put it on the fridge and covered it with magnets.

I certainly won't tell him!  He loves getting mail.


yes, the fairy tale life of a small child, where mail is still enjoyable to receive ;) instead of full of letters from people who want money from you... now I know what my parents meant when they told me one day getting mail wouldn't be that fun anymore.

haha, I can't blame him for wanting to keep his drawing, it's very beautiful, so many colors!


The best way to let Vox know that there is a lot of demand for something like Islamic themes and features is to tell them!

You can suggest posts and photos for [This is good] at http://www.vox.com/explore

You can also suggest features or themes by using the Feedback link in the Vox navigation bar on any page.

I encourage Muslims to send their feedback to Vox in these ways and let the Vox team know that there are lots of Muslims on Vox who would like to see more focus on us!


Thanks for the tips Laura, much appreciated, as usual! :)


[this is good] You've got a great point, Megan. You know what, I'll suggest your post as a 
[this is good] feature and hopefully it gets picked up. So perhaps more Muslims 
see it and tell Vox what they want :)


[this is good] I see that Vox has added two Eid themes (thanks to Tiffany Chow)... Finally!

Wouldn't have minded a few more though!! :-P

PS there's one Diwali theme also...


Thanks, Dee. I don't really think this is worthy of [thisisgood]. But at least it's a nudge :)


This is great! YAY!


I just saw the Eid themes. It's great :) 


I totally agree, especially with the not getting pissed if someone wishes you well with the wrong religion for you. Just say thank you and be happy! Someone was trying to be nice to you. And I'm sorry Eid was overlooked on Vox this year, but who knows? Maybe next year. Unfortunately we live in a world of severe ignorance, but we are slowly getting better. I mean, a few years ago way more people wouldn't have had any idea of what Diwali was. Slow, steady steps :)


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